Our program

Our educators collaborate with the children to provide recreational and leisure opportunities that are meaningful to our children and support their wellbeing, learning and development. Our program reflects and strengthens the interests, talents and needs of individual children within a context that promotes collaboration, active citizenship, and a positive self-identity. After School Connect’s program is based on “My Time, Our Place” National Quality Framework for school aged children.

Our ASC program gives the children opportunities to choose between experiences depending on their interests, age and energy levels. Some examples of our in-house program are:

Art & craft experiences

Science experiments

Project work

Music and drama

Sport and games

Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are offered during after school care. These include:


One of our children’s favourite team sport. The benefits of soccer coaching include:

  • Teaches coordination
  • Increases skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline
  • Promotes teamwork and sharing
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem

Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops discipline
  • Teaches self-defence
  • Improves physical and cognitive skills